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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 09:24am on 26/06/2003
I am positive that there is somewhere, on my body, that does not hurt. Perhaps a small toe. Perhaps a spot behind my knee.

I need to start drinking much more water after lifting weights. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

I have to do this one lift called the 'overhead press.' It hits all the muscles that sit idle from typing all day. I sit down to the machine, adjust the weight down, and lift. Everything from the front of my chest all the way over my shoulders and down my spine cracks in one loud orgy of cracking. I'm good and warmed up before I sit to this machine -- it's the 6th or 7th on my list -- but these muscles have been stubbornly not moving all day, and now they're lifting 35 lbs. It's almost disturbing how loudly my shoulders and back crack.

A second press. Same cracks.

A third press. Now cracks and the hot burning feelings as the acid comes screaming out of my muscles in black torrents.

A fourth press. Cracks and acid and the pain as the uberknot in my left shoulder instantly comes entirely undone as the muscle floods with blood. The whole trick of massage is to get the blood flowing into the muscles and the muscles to move. That releases the knot. This machine does an hour massage all in one go. Now I'm gritting my teeth.

By time I get to twelve presses, I can feel the muscles burning, the lactic acid burning, and my left shoulder screaming. But it was the right weight, because I felt the actual muscle burn in the last three pushes, just like I'm supposed to. I write down '35 lbs' on my sheet and glare at the machine. Stupid machine. You'll get yours.

The entire left side of my back feels like it's been through a minor law war in Asia. "Never get involved in a land war in Asia!"

My weight has not changed one iota in 5 days. I lost 6 lbs very fast, and now my body stubbornly refuses to move. I'm eating less, I'm working out, so it's a bit of a mystery to me. It's likely that my _body fat_ is going down and my weight is going up due to, well, all the weight training. In fact, it's coming off so fast off my legs that it's just gross. So one of three things is happening:

  • 1. I am not eating enough. My body is going into starvation/conservation mode.
  • 2. I am eating too much. I find this staggeringly unlikely, as I'm starting to suffer from headaches and the Powerful Hunger, and I track every calorie I eat. I ate 1200 calories yesterday, and burned 350 on machines and cardio workout.
  • 3. The wet, water-logged fat is turning into muscle and attaching itself to my legs. Muscle, of course, weights a whole heck of alot more than fat.

    It's likely a combination of 1 and 3. So snacking it is, just to keep my metabolism up. The SUPER metabolism has not kicked in yet -- damn you clomid! -- because of the hormone supplements.


    But I wanted to hit 8 lb mark by tomorrow. Won't happen. Sigh. Alas.

    [ profile] ect has lost so much weight that he has to put another hole in his belt. His jeans no longer fit. Now he's baggy-butt Eric. And this is just from adding some walking and some working out into his schedule.

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