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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 08:13am on 27/06/2003

I came in to 10 new political messages in my inbox this morning. Time to start procmailing the suckers.

Strom Thurmond is dead. Long live Strom Thurmond. He lived 55 years too long. Am I bad for doing the Strom is Dead Happy Dance? Perhaps.

The LGBT decision from the Supreme Court must have killed him. Finally. The ACLU has a new site for further LGBT issues that stem from the decision. It's the "Get Busy, Get Equal" activism drive. They have little buttons you can stuff on your website, like so:

Get Busy. Get Equal.

I'm naturally very happy with the decision, since I'm a huge "Keep the Hell Out of My Bedroom You Dirty Fuckers" person. Homophobia makes no sense to me. It's not like you're going to catch gay. It's not an airborne disease. "A gay person looked at me! Now I'm going to catch gay!" And what the hell do you care what people do in their bedroom? Worse, why do you care only about gay people, when straight people are just as twisted and kinky -- and often more so?

Thank God for sanity.

I'm sending the following letter to the Dean Campaign. It's under the cut for your enjoyment. I had to submit through their comments page, so I don't know if anyone will ever see it or if it goes to /dev/null.

Dear Dean for America Campaign:

I'm an active follower in politics, believing strongly that it is the best show I can possibly get for free. While I'm not a political science -- I'm an engineer by schooling and by trade -- I keep a keen interest in these things. It guarantees I'm very dull at parties.

I am a member of the Democratic Party, along with a dozen other various affiliations. I've been watching the Democratic Primaries shake out with interest over the last year, as it's been slowly coalescing. I figured that the prize would go to Sen. Kerry, but it looks like your boy is going to make a good showing.

I like Dr. Dean, I really do. His ability to give a speech that gets the crowd going wild is unparalleled. He can mobilize the troops like no one I have seen in a very long time. And when it comes to fire in the belly, he's flaming.

However, I have some concerns. His recent showings on the talking heads shows, especially on Meet the Press, have not been very good. In fact, it seems like Dr. Dean is not in as good command of his platform as he is on paper. He seems to bobble issues that would be easy for him. Worse, he's still carrying the onus of that argument he had with Sen. Kerry back in the early Democratic ho-down.

My guess is that he just isn't prepared for the amount of publicity. Most second and third tier contenders don't make it onto the talking heads shows, or on tv, or on the front page of the Washington Post. Their announcements aren't telecast live across the web. The publicity is good, but the unpreparedness makes me a little wary.

I'd like to give money. Heck, I might even be persuaded to donate some time and technical skill. But my concerns about Dr. Dean being able to perform as expected has me worried. I'm unwilling to donate anything until I see that he's capable of winning the Big Enchilada, and he's more than the insane reincarnation of George McGovern. I like him because he's the ex-Governor of the Free Republic of Vermont, but I'd like him to be, well, more presidential.

I'm hoping your training him with videotapes and working on test drives of performances and grooming him to be more presidential. I'm not sure how you can address my concerns except getting him back on TV and starting to have consistently good showings. _I_ know the issues and can articulate my positions on them; I would hope your boy can, too. It's back to, sadly, debate club and forensics in the time before college.

I'm not sure you can address my concerns without putting Dr. Dean on TV a few more times and having him come off polished. I do dearly hope you are focusing on this issue and taking steps to rectify it. Otherwise, the Republicans are going to have Dr. Dean for lunch and the press, as much as there is of it now, will get bored and go find someone else to cover and annoy.

Good luck.

Yours in keen interest,
Emily K. Dresner-Thornber
Germantown, MD

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '04, here I come.

In other news, we lost power somewhere between 2-4pm yesterday afternoon, and the bastards from Allegheny Power didn't get it back on until 5am. [ profile] ect and I stayed at a Motel 6 last night, because there was no way we could stay in a 100+ degree house. Sure, we could have huddled in the basement, but... Eric had to be at class at 8am, and that just wouldn't have worked. The Motel 6 was fine. Mildly crappy, but all we did was sleep there. But man, did it piss me off mightily.

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