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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 06:51pm on 10/06/2003
I went ahead and set up GAIM at work and Trillian at home. If you _really_ feel the need to message me for some reason, my screen name is:


Sadly, this is the only thing I could get in the realm of Extreme Geek. I tried some pretty incredibly geeky things, too, before I found this one.

Help! I have no wires and I must scream!
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 02:03pm on 10/06/2003
I finally decided that I was too fat for words when none of my jeans fit comfortably at the end of last week.

I had already started working out 30 minutes a day, every day. And went from a mix of diet pop-normal pop down to just diet pop.

So I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Time to drop 20 lbs.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I don't much eat candy, chips, cake, ice cream, etc. I eschew fast food, especially fast food burgers. (Yuck.) But I'm still socking on the pounds. I _know_ the hormone mixture that's being tossed into my body is playing havoc with my metabolism in unpredictable ways, and I know that is very seriously part of the problem. There's really not much I can do about it except attack the symptoms. The other part is that my job requires me to sit on my ass all day. And I can't get another job.

I read The Hacker's Diet last night. It's a calorie counting diet for engineers -- and engineers in specific --, but it has some interesting mathematical twists to it to do some statistical predictions based on trends in loss and predicting the loss curve. If you keep up with the predictions, you lose weight. Ta-da!

Hmm, sayth I.

I loaded the software onto my palm pilot, but found that it didn't do any calorie counting, although it predicted how much to injest per day to lose the predicted weight based on the curve. So I had to go get a calorie counter. I found one at The Calorie King -- goofy name, but a 19000 item database with calorie, carb, sodium, and fiber counts. I think it's cool, but it'll cost me $20 to register it. If it's still cool in a week, I will.

So I'm not changing anything yet, but I am trying to figure out where the weight is actively coming from. I really don't think I need to DDR myself to death or ride 10,000 miles a day. Something needs to go. I just need to figure out what.

And, I just noticed, JLJ forgets to put in the line breaks, forcing me to manually edit.
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 04:54pm on 06/06/2003
Apparently, I'm most compatible with Laurel.

laurelar 98%
theshunter 98%
slyon 98%
adamjury 95%
welcomerain 91%
bzial 91%
whisper_jeff 87%
weaselboy 85%
iford 69%
dirque 61%
badmovie 61%
incandescens 61%
bronzemountain 47%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 06:22pm on 05/06/2003
Today, I got off my fat butt and went to the dermatologist. The hormone cocktail my ob/gyn has put me on has run some havoc with my body -- some of it scathingly unpleasant. I am less than thrilled.

I've had two bad side effects from the strange mix of pills: fast weight gain and breakouts.

Now, the fast weight gain can also be somewhat attributed to my fine, fine lifesucking job and crappy lifestyle. I sit in a chair for ten straight hours and write code. I don't move too much. Eventually, I start socking on pounds and my lower back starts to cramp something fierce. I get muscle knots and anxiety and discomfort. I can't sleep. Ergo, the thirty minutes a day on the bike I am doing now -- in fact, as I type this entry.

The breakouts are right from the hormone mix. I've always had problems, but now they've become _problems_.

So I see the doctor today, and he looks at my back, and he says, "Yep, pretty bad."

And I think, _Thanks_.

The doctor then tells me that due to the hormone mix causing the breakouts, he can only do a limited number of things to _cure_ the breakouts. Isn't that wonderful? But I walked off with a fistful of prescriptions and I'm almost positive that something is better than nothing, and the prescribed medications are more effective than supermarket items.

So okay, that's dealt with. I have to go back in a month, but it's better than nothing.

The weight is still an issue, although I'm sitting here pedaling away. There's a brand new center built across the street from the townhouse complex. It took me a bit to actually find it -- it's in an arcane and somewhat bizarre location off the beaten path -- but I found it. It's a full gym/ptherapy/phys rehab center associated with one of the local hospitals. It has trainers, equipment, racquetball courts, classes, an Olympic pool, a hot tub, and hoops courts for $100 for both myself and Eric per month. Not too crowded, and less than two minutes from home. Even if Eric doesn't want to go, I probably should to get rid of the flab and just do something else that isn't sitting inside. I kind of wish it was cheaper, but I think if I pay for something, I'll actually use it.

I just want to get rid of the flab. I very much want to lose 20 lbs. I have already cut out chips and cookies and cake and fast food and yadda out of my daily diet -- although, sadly, if it's within grasp, I will snack. I do three real meals a day. I buy sammiches without cheese or mayo. At work, I've switched from Coke to Diet Coke. I'm aware that if I cut anything, I'll start to just starve myself. And the damn hormone pills take anything I eat and turn it instantly into either flab or breakouts.

So I'll probably spring for the gym and cut down on my online time and go after work. It seems to me to be a worthy enough lifestyle change.
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 06:20pm on 03/06/2003
Today, I finally caught up on the SCO Unix vs. the World thing. I had largely ignored the uproar over on Slashdot because the screaming was so incoherent, it was impossible to pick out fact from ranting. Since it has slowly started to become a dull throb of rage, I read the Salon article on the debacle and then picked around at some of the actual news.

What I can gather is this:

SCO, which was once SCO, and then Caldera, and again SCO, has invented some strange patent claims where it says it owns all of Unix (plus all derivatives), it bought it from Novell, who got it from AT&T.

There are some mystery patents that no one seems to know about or understand, and they're claiming all sorts of copyright and patent infringement. So far, they haven't told anyone what is infringing on what, nor have they pointed out where in the open-source sourcecode these infringements took place.

Novell has told them they're on crack.

IBM has told them they're on crack.

It looks like an attention grab and the last stand of a desperate company who will close its doors any day now. If patents were infringed, they knew about them since 1995, and haven't bothered to do anything about it until now -- which is extremely suspicious. I know that if you have copyrights or patents, you must enforce them, hence the nastygrams that go out to website providers all the time.

So either they just spontaniously invented them, or they didn't feel they were worth noticing until they suddenly realized they could litigate for ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

It sounds like a super evil plan by Dr. Evil. After they take over Linux, they will TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Muhahahaha!

Of course, what they're doing is coming up with some garbage claim, suing IBM (who has lots of money) and planning on settling out of court for less than their claim but enough to keep them above their burn rate for a bit longer. Why bother to go and get funding for your cruddy product and company in an oversaturated market when you can just litigate for it?

Do I think this is a garbage claim? Yup.
Do I think it will be dismissed in court? Yup.
Do I think the Slashdot crowd will scream and cry and beg and moan for years over this? You bet.

What deeply entertains me is that someone, somewhere, has finally found a way to have Linux make them money. Heh.
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 06:58pm on 02/06/2003
I have discovered that my laptop fits on the little exercise bike book shelf. So now I can blog and pedal and burn calories all at the same time.

I've brought my patheticness to a brand new high. "This lj entry brought to you by calories 150-200 and the letter Z."

I've been socking on weight like weight is going out of style. I'm not happy. I suspect it's a side effect of the hormones-that-do-not-work, along with several other strange and inexplicable problems that have cropped up in the last month or so, none of which I'm terribly pleased with. I'm going to see a variety of other doctors to help clear up some of these issues while pondering the long, horrible call to the Shady Grove cline I don't want to call. I'm almost convinced these pills the ob/gyn put me on are completely placebo, except when I'm taking them they make me unholy ill.

Bleh. Ill and no effect. Not a good combination. I'm about to give in and make an appointment with the endocrinologist, knowing full well she may not see me for months.

For those who know what I'm talking about: We're not going to Tiki. Joe Mancuso's rather sudden wedding reception is on June 21st. I've known Joe for twelve years, and, much to my surprise, he remembered to send an invitation. People I've known for over a decade vs. people I know... over the Internet. It was a hard call, but after thinking about it for .37 seconds, my mind was made.

I was betting good money that it wouldn't show after I told him we wanted to come via email, but it's sitting upstairs on the table. So startlingly impressed am I, I shall even wear my Garish Purple Suit of Doom. I will need to buy a present.

My boss disappeared today, as his wife is scheduled to suddenly give birth this week. So the guys at work put a blow up astronaut with an NFR t-shirt on his chair as a Placebo Tony. I'll have to ask the doll to go run to subway to get me a sammich every day, now, and send it funny links about 80's music.

This exercising and blogging at the same time thing is making my arms ache.
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 03:34pm on 27/05/2003
I never buy gaming supplements.

The last time I actually went out and bought a gaming supplement (not counting Engel, which is an actual game) is about two and a half years ago. I don't remember what for. Maybe it was even longer ago than that. I just don't buy supplements, because they do nothing for me. I'm sure there are decent ones out there, in the same abstract way I know about the laws of thermodynamics or the laws of emag or about electrons. I know the exist, I know they're pretty handy to someone out there, but they don't do me any good most of the time.

So I was pretty excited when I went out and actually sought out a supplement.

I bought a copy of Dynasties and Demagogues, a supplement for political play for d20 from Atlas Games. It pretty much kicks some serious ass. I always felt that the game was lacking some nice constructs for getting faction and political play going; this has everything I've always wanted and more. I am grooving on the debate system included in the book -- just like combat, but with skills and words and manuevers. I know a few people have enjoyed the personality feats. Act your personality, and gain either XP or a reroll somewhere down the line.

I'm pretty pleased. It has all the tools I need to retool my Planescape game so it's a little more internally consistant. It's what I want out of a sourcebook -- tools I can immediately use. I don't care for fan fiction or pet NPCs or other garbage I have both read and been forced to write in the past. It's good enough that I can actually recommend it to other people.

Looking over the other Atlas Games, I don't see anything else particularly useful, but Dyn&Dem had an ad for "Crime and Punishment" in the back of it -- legal systems in the d20 fantasy world. That kind of pushes my buttons too; I'll likely get it.

So impressed am I that I'll probably send a note, encouraging more of these things.

Sigh. I'm such a dork.

Other than that, I found my deathbug (tm) at work and it was something incredibly stupid. One byte was killing me. Math, as they say, is hard.

Music:: "No One Lives Forever" by Oingo Boingo
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 11:52am on 25/05/2003
I am apparently a Major Geek -- 40.23669%.
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 09:42am on 23/05/2003
Last night, I was in bed with a huge headcold while the guys did things downstairs. And, whenever I'm sick, I torture myself with the worst TV imaginable. My current favorite is the Style Channel, especially when they're showing runway shows. The hottest styles from Milan make me giggle.

So I'm drugged and half paying attention, and I notice something very... odd indeed. The models are all wearing some flat, brown, shiny material. Turns out it is the "Celebration of Chocolate" fashion show, and actual French pastry chefs are standing in the back with plates of chocolate and bags of frosting. When they showed the back rooms, the little white hats were obvious among the tall, mostly nekkid model bodies.


I peer at the TV, and this is, indeed, what is really going on.

I tell [ profile] ect this morning that I watched this show in a half-drugged state last night. He said the only thing worse than a chocolate dress is a meat dress. And then, he added, he will never wear a meat dress. I can feel confident that I will never come home to find Eric lounging around in a meat dress. Or any meat articles of clothing whatsoever, including meat hats.

My home is meat hat free.

Music:: "Jeremy," Pearl Jam
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posted by [personal profile] multiplexer at 02:01pm on 22/05/2003
According to the list, I've read the following:

The BBC Book List )

-- 34 books off the list. A few notes:

o In no way do I consider Dickens great literature. And certainly not that much Dickens.
o The Harry Potter books get a bunch of listings but LotR is just one? Jacked!
o My childhood obsession with Roald Dahl has finally paid off! Woo hoo!
o I didn't think A Prayer for Owen Meany was all that good. Just very long.


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